All aboard and off we go!

On September 23, we were able to make up for our long-awaited 50th anniversary trip. In Schaffhausen, we boarded the nostalgic train vehicle that had been rented especially for us, which took us to Lucerne via beautiful rail routes. We were generously provided with coffee, croissants and lunch. The entire train trip was excellently organized by the non-profit association "Depot und Schienenfahrzeuge Koblenz".

Once we arrived in Lucerne, an interactive, challenging and entertaining city game with live actors awaited us. Some of us were able to slip into a completely new role. A few spies had mingled with the employees. Thanks to the excellent work of the individual teams, all the spies were tracked down and the danger to our company was averted.

On the way home to Schaffhausen, we reflected on the exciting day.