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Continuous Integration

Automation projects are often so extensive that several developers must work on them at the same time. Thus, it is virtually impossible to implement such a project without the use of continuous integration tools, or CI tools. They support and automate the development process, which in turn significantly increases productivity.

A properly set up CI toolchain enables the following for you:

  • Multi-user development
  • Continuous development of a standard software or framework and rollout to your machine projects
  • Version control
  • Automated check-in scripts and link check-ins with development tasks
  • Automated builds
  • Automated testing
  • Reporting of news, build, and test results to various user groups

Our services

We are very familiar with the standard continuous integration tools. We will gladly advise you on the use of a toolchain in your software project.

We will be glad to help you. Please contact us.

Reto Emmenegger, Head of Sales Automation
+41 52 647 50 66

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