Edge systems / Industry 4.0

From operating data recording and linking your machines to the production control system to data collection & analysis on edge systems at your plant or in the cloud to implementing new Industry 4.0 applications in the context of traceability, Big Data, and batch size 1 – we are at your service and are sure to find the automation solution that best suits your application.

An ever-present issue is to determine which application cases yield the greatest benefits and find ways to maintain optimal cost efficiency. Other key issues are to what extent and to what depth the business processes are networked and whether data protection and data security are assured. Furthermore, it must be clarified how OT and IT networks can be securely separated without interrupting the flow of data.

Our services in Edge Systems & Industry 4.0

We will gladly support you in profitably implementing your application cases and networking your data. Working together, we can create a customized solution based on recognized concepts and using only standard and current technologies.

We will be glad to help you. Please contact us.

Reto Emmenegger, Head of Sales Automation
+41 52 647 50 66

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