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Machine building industry

We specialize in the industrial automation of both series and one-off machines. Over the past years, we have acquired extensive know-how in a wide range of industrial sectors – be it with textile or packaging machines, chemical or pharmaceutical equipment, glass processing, or rotary indexing systems. We would be happy to contribute our expertise in the machine building industry to your next project and provide you with all-encompassing support.

The expectation

Projects must be implemented in a wide variety of industries, so swift comprehension and good technical understanding are essential. Expertise must also be transferred to new tasks and projects. We have software modules that can be quickly parameterized and mature software architectures and concepts that can be applied to any type of machine. This ideally equips us for projects in any industry.

Our projects

  • Packaging machines
  • Ring spinning machine
  • Glass bending line
  • Hot stamping machines
  • Production lines for car bodies
  • Bird radar for wind turbines

Our services

We assist you with your entire machine project from conceptual design to hardware selection, design of the safety concept, implementation of the control software, electrical engineering, control cabinet design, and commissioning of your machine on site.

We will be glad to help you. Please contact us.

Dr. Cornelius Niemeyer, Head of Business Unit Automation | Member of the Executive Board
+41 52 647 50 27

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