Network control systems for small and medium distrubition system operators

Keep it simple with GridCommander™ – easy, clear, intuitive

A secure, fast, and reliable control system for distribution system operators

Renewable energies, as well as electric vehicles and their charging stations, are indispensable in our modern world. However, the high inflow and outflow of electricity lead to significant fluctuations in the grid. Distribution system operators (DSOs) must confront these technical challenges. As network loads increase, it becomes increasingly important for DSOs to maintain an overview of the medium-voltage, transformer, and low-voltage levels. Network control systems make this possible.

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Keep it simple


Easy, clear, intuitive to use, and focused on the essentials – under this motto, GridCommander™ by Brütsch Elektronik was specifically developed for the needs of small and medium-sized distribution system operators (DSOs). So you always know what's happening in the grid.

Our benefits

Optimize your energy distribution network to the fullest

Invest in the future of your company with our GridCommander™ control system for energy providers. Through proactive control, you ensure the availability and optimal utilization of your networks.

Absolute real-time transparency

Keep track of all processes in your energy network. GridCommander™ not only provides data but allows you to experience the dynamics of the network live, ensuring you always know what's happening in the grid.

Early response for preventive measures

No longer rely solely on feedback during outages. With our network control system, you can identify potential problems through live monitoring before they occur. React immediately, ensuring maximum availability and minimal downtime. Use GridCommander™ for preventive maintenance to prevent expensive repairs.

Rapid problem resolution through precise fault localization

No more guesswork during disturbances. Thanks to our clear fault location and fault type determination, you can quickly and optimally respond to any disruptions, significantly reducing downtime.

Optimal network design for cost optimization

End unnecessary investments! GridCommander™ provides not only data but intelligent insights for the optimal design of your network. Lower investment and operating costs through informed decisions.

Higher operational quality through a central source of information

Ensure all relevant information is available in one place. Our network control system serves as a central source of information, enabling efficient coordination and communication.

Safety through comprehensive equipment monitoring

Don't leave safety to chance. Our control system for small and medium-sized energy providers allows comprehensive equipment monitoring to identify and eliminate potential risks early.


 «The Brütsch Elektronik AG has an excellent reputation and has developed a suitable product with its control system for smaller energy supply companies. This is exactly what we were looking for.»

Willi Flükiger, CEO EW Rümlang


Keeping an eye on the future of energy supply – Features of GridCommander™

Discover the revolutionary solution that takes your network control to the next level. Our GridCommander™ control system offers a comprehensive suite of features that give you full control over your network.

Monitor switch status and utilization

Get a comprehensive overview of the switch status and utilization of your medium-voltage network. With precise information, optimize your network's performance and ensure smooth energy supply.

Visualization of rings and energy flow

Immerse yourself in the world of your network through a simple, clear, and intuitive platform! Our solution provides a clear visualization of rings and energy flow. Understand the dynamics of your network at a glance.

Animated Single Line Diagram

Our animated Single Line Diagrams for medium and low-voltage systems not only provide status and measurement displays but also convey a lively picture of your network infrastructure.

Clear error messages and follow-up error filtering

Save time and minimize downtime! GridCommander™ delivers clearly structured error messages and allows targeted filtering of follow-up errors. Maintain control, even in challenging situations.

Real-time display and analysis of measurement values

Make data-driven decisions! Our network control system displays real-time measurement values from protective devices, network analyzers, meters, and smart meters, storing them for detailed analysis.

Note function for maintenance information

Keep everything in view! Use the note function on all elements to record important maintenance information and ensure smooth operation.

Precise equipment monitoring

Maximize the lifespan of your systems! Monitor the specified operating conditions of your network components. This includes, among other things, the switching cycles of medium-voltage switches or transformer temperatures. Keep subsystems such as public lighting, load control, uninterruptible power supply, and communication devices in view.

Comprehensive environmental monitoring

Secure the integrity of your local network station! Monitor access, temperature, humidity, and other signals in real-time to ensure optimal conditions.


In power engineering, we are certified partners for ICONICS and WAGO



We will be glad to help you. Please contact us.

Martin Triet, Team Lead Automation

+41 52 647 50 50

Systems and solutions for distribution grid operators

Our team of experts will actively support you with comprehensive expertise in energy technology. Challenge us!

Systems and solutions for distribution grid operators

Our team of experts will actively support you with comprehensive expertise in energy technology. Challenge us!