SINDEX 2023: Our highlights from the automation fair

Thank you for visiting us at SINDEX 2023. We hope you were able to take away a few things from our booth and enjoy our innovations in the fields of motion, miniaturization and 2D/3D vision.

As one of the top 3 companies, we were awarded the swiss DINNO Award for our project "Seezer - the seeing tweezers" at the start of the SINDEX 2023 trade fair. 

The Seezer is a robotic gripper with an integrated mini camera. It enables precise and safe gripping of small parts by visually measuring the gripping force. The orientation of the parts can also be detected and the orientation of the gripper can be controlled. The Seezer has the right "finger" for each application: this enables the grippers to be replaced easily and automatically in seconds. The project was developed in collaboration with the BIROMED-Lab of the University of Basel

Read more about the swiss DINNO Award in the SINDEX press release.

Impressions from the trade fair and our booth

Brütsch Elektronik and Uni Basel win Swiss DINNO Award
Award Ceremony
Innovation Box with 3D Camera
Cambrian Robotic
students are getting explained the 3D camera
Conversations at the booth

"Seezer" at a glance

Unfortunately, you did not have the opportunity to share your ideas with our automation team at the trade show? Or do you have further questions for our team? Please feel free to contact us at any time.