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The demands on industrial automation are constantly increasing, so machines must be equipped with more and more sensory organs. That's precisely what a vision system does: It gives a machine the ability to see. This enables the machine to perceive its environment, and also enables it to intelligently evaluate the perceptions. This allows it to solve various tasks particularly efficiently – and opens up numerous new possibilities in the field of dynamic automation.

Potential applications

  • Position determination
  • Product identification (tracking via barcode or QR code)
  • Quality assurance
  • Product measurement
  • Shape control
  • OCR (character string recognition)

Our services

In a vision project, the camera, the lens, and the software are central. These components also have a decisive impact on the cost. We help you choose your smart camera, vision system, and lens – and help you strike the optimal balance between the necessary system precision and cost-effectiveness. Also important in image processing are the lighting conditions of the subject. Here, too, we will be glad to assist you with our expertise with the systems of Beckhoff Vision, B&R Vision, and Cognex.

We will be glad to help you. Please contact us.

Dr. Cornelius Niemeyer, Head of Business Unit Automation | Member of the Executive Board
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