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Product Presentations at Brütsch Elektronik AG und Jossi AG

Since 2019 Brütsch Elektronik AG and Jossi AG have been part of the Inovu Group. To bring us closer together, Silvio Nussbaumer and Patrik Näf presented the companies and their products to our colleagues in our headquarters in Islikon and Beringen. 

Among other things, the employees gained insights into the world of intubation using a laryngoscope, but also into the world of robotic-assisted surgery.

Jossi, our sister company, is a systems realisation partner focusing on medical and laboratory technology. Together, we supply a number of global market leaders in medical and laboratory technology.

We are looking forward to further exciting joint projects and exchanges. 

Product presentation Jossi AG
Product presentation Brütsch Elektronik AG
Silvio Nussbaumer demonstrates intubation using a video laryngoscope
Jossi employees test videolaryngoscopy