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Reusable endoscopes

Endoscopy is used to examine internal areas of the human body that cannot be seen from the outside. It is also used for minimally invasive surgical procedures. Thanks to the latest camera technology and miniaturization, there are now surgical applications in which the smallest cavities can be accessed, for example in the spine.

We manufacture e.g. the reusable semiflexible intubation endoscope.

The expectation

When artificial respiration is necessary, the intubation tube must be inserted quickly, safely, and atraumatically, even under difficult anatomical conditions. The respective attributes of rigid intubation optics and flexible intubation endoscopes should be combined to form an ideal solution.

What we offer

We meet the expectation with our semiflexible intubation video-endoscope. This is a mechanical design featuring a semiflexible shaft, a tip with a robust deflection mechanism, and passive retraction. The handpiece has high mechanical strength. The integrated camera is linked via a universal system interface. A high-resolution camera chip is located at the distal end of the shaft, which, together with the dedicated color management, ensures excellent image quality. This ensures maximum safety in medical applications.

Our services

We handle every step for our customers: conceptualization and development, testing and approval support, industrialization, assembly, and OEM service of the product. Thanks to our efficient and dynamic team, we can produce and test several hundred individual units per year.

Do you have a question or a request? Feel free to contact us.

Silvio Nussbaumer, Head of Marketing and New Business Development
+41 52 647 50 50

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