Brütsch Elektronik AG receives training on the correct use of UV bonding in the electronics sector

In order to be able to use efficient processes in the development and production of medical devices, we continuously educate ourselves. In a comprehensive training course, Rahim Emruli, Product Manager of Permapack's Industry Business Unit, explained the correct use of UV equipment and provided insights into UV gluing. We have been using thermosetting adhesives for years. To be able to use a faster process, we turned to UV adhesives. 

Our colleagues from development and fabrication were able to gain a comprehensive understanding of the UV process through the training. Process reliability is a very important issue due to our projects in medical technology. We are obliged to comply with the ISO 13485 standard, which requires a comprehensive quality management system. The adhesives themselves must also meet certain specifications and in some cases be certified to Medical Grade. 

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