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Medical lighting

Optimal visibility and lighting conditions are a must for professional, safe, and efficient work in all medical fields. We offer products that are used in a wide range of applications and are guaranteed not to leave any doctor in the dark.

An example of a medical lamp is the medical headlamp for ENT applications – specially designed for a customer.

The expectation

A medical light has one main task: to provide optimum, homogeneous depth illumination of the surgical field. It thereby enables the precision required during surgery. It should minimize shadow formation in the field of vision and be comfortable to wear.

What we offer

We meet the expectations with our medical headlamp. The required optimal depth illumination is achieved with high-power LED lamps and a liquid lens. The size of the illuminated field can be variably adjusted – so the lamp can also be used in specialized fields other than ENT. The luminous intensity can be adjusted in 3 steps. This results in a bright and homogeneous image without any edge discoloration and a natural appearance due to the high color rendering index (CRI). The device has a compact and lightweight design; position and tilt are easily adjustable. The batteries, equipped with hot-plug function, have a very long runtime.

Our services

We assist our customer in the development of their idea with regard to optics, electronics, and mechanics. We then take care of the entire lifecycle of their device: from verification to testing and approval support, industrialization and assembly, product maintenance, and service. The customer receives our tested devices in quantities of several thousand per year.

Do you have a question or a request? Feel free to contact us.

Silvio Nussbaumer, Head of Marketing and New Business Development
+41 52 647 50 50

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