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Mechatronics design

With our proven competence in analysis, we also offer comprehensive services in the field of mechatronics design. We develop mechatronic systems with integrated drive systems and diameters smaller than 1 mm as well as display and control units in a wide range of sizes. The classic design of parts made of aluminum, stainless steel, titanium, plastic, or injection molding – produced using a wide range of processes from turning and milling to plastic injection molding or other injection molding – is also among our areas of expertise. A particular strength of ours is hermetically sealed cables and housings designed for reprocessing methods such as thermal disinfectors, autoclaves, and gas-plasma sterilizers. Here, we take into account the requirements regarding heat generation. In rapid prototyping, we work with processes like 3D printing, laser litho, or sintering.

Mechanical strength and reliability analyses, material analyses of e.g. adhesives, temperature analyses, and analyses of lighting applications are a routine part of our work.

We deploy tools such as CAD (Solid Edge), FEM analysis (Siemens PLM), and a gigahertz lens with integrating sphere (spectral analysis and light measurement). We use motor test benches to measure the torque, rpm, efficiency, and temperature of our motors at various load points. We carry out tests with regard to tight seal, temperature, and other parameters of operating environments e.g. for washing machines, vacuum water baths, or heating cabinets.

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