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Surgical power tools

Motorized instruments are used in hospitals during operations every day. Power tools allow efficient surgical procedures that are gentle on tissue. This leads to faster recovery for the patient.

We develop power-driven handheld surgical instruments and the associated control units for you.

An examle of a device we produce for a customer is the surgical handpiece and control unit for minimally invasive surgery.

The expectation

Surgery demands devices that efficiently ablate and extract tissue and bone from the knee, shoulder, hip, and small joints. They must be usable in arthroscopy, ENT, gynecology, and urology.

What we offer

We meet the expectations either with a complete system, consisting of motor console and handpiece, or with parts of it.

The motor console controls motors of various designs with maximum efficiency.  This ensures smooth operation with maximum running smoothness and low heat generation. The console is operated via touchscreen or wireless foot pedal. Connected to a network, it can communicate with multiple devices, securely transmit data to the hospital network, and receive software updates.

The handpiece allows various operating modes such as shaving or milling at high speeds. In addition, the customer receives a weight-optimized and ergonomic design. The handpiece is designed to remain compatible with all reprocessing methods used in medical technology.

Our services

We handle development, verification, industrialization, and assembly. We also support our customer in the testing and approval of their device, and we provide maintenance. Of course, we are also there to support the customer with service at all times. The customer receives our tested devices in quantities of several thousand per year. The devices meet all the requirements of the FDA as well as standards ISO 62304 and 60601.

Do you have a question or a request? Feel free to contact us.

Silvio Nussbaumer, Head of Marketing and New Business Development
+41 52 647 50 50

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