Surgical power tools: Reliable Helpers in Routine Clinical Practice

Surgical power tools have become indispensable in the operating room. Numerous surgical procedures are nowadays performed using motor systems. This White Paper examines the range of applications of these reliable helpers, considers the essential characteristics of power tools, and explores where they might be headed in the future.

Areas of application & requirements

In most private and public hospitals, they have become essential routine equipment. Surgical motor systems can be found in numerous disciplines: from orthopedics and arthroscopy to ENT surgery, gynecology, urology and dentistry.

Surgical motor systems are generally used to resect tissue, shape bone or place implants. Depending on the application and use, power tools differ in their system architecture and nomenclature. Examples of power tool applications in various disciplines can be found in our white paper.

When using power tools, both a high degree of precision and reliability are essential. They have to meet various requirements for different stakeholders, such as surgical professionals, but also hospital staff and assistants.

From development...

Today, specialized teams of developers already make it possible to design a wide range of power tools for many different applications. From an engineering perspective, the requirements can be broken down into a number of technical challenges, such as speed control, torque control, processing, system integration, user interface and connectivity. Successful implementation of a product development project requires in-depth knowledge and experience in mechatronics, electronics and software engineering. industrialization and approval

The successful launch of a power tool requires not only sophisticated development work, but also professional industrialization. In particular, this includes expertise in core activities such as supply chain management, manufacturing and quality control.

The development, manufacturing and service of surgical power tools are demanding.

Cooperating with an OEM partner leaves companies free to focus on marketing complete systems. This allows outsourcing for those parts of the tools requiring in-depth expertise, such as handpieces and control systems. Brütsch Elektronik AG offers you holistic expertise and professional project management from a single source. We develop and manufacture your products and also handle the service and after-sales support. 

In our white paper you will find more information about the fields of application, requirements, development and industrialization as well as about the possibilities to outsource single sub-steps or all steps and hand them over to a professional and trustworthy partner.