BREL automation-micro-assembly32
BREL automation-microassembly-set-up

Micro-assembly systems

Progress leads to increasingly smaller products. Micro-assembly systems are therefore becoming more and more important. Product assemblies in the micro range, which until now could only be achieved through extremely time-consuming manual work, are becoming increasingly automated.

The expectation

A micro-assembly system must provide the highest precision, controlled motion, and high repeatability accuracy. This requires precise understanding of motion control, robotics, and sensor technology as well as machine vision and dynamic behavior in the micro range.

Our projects

  • Assembly system for micro-cameras

Our services

Brütsch Elektronik manufactures micro-cameras for the medical technology sector – and we naturally develop our own micro-assembly systems in house. Through engineering, manufacturing, and support, our know-how is continuously deepened and expanded. So we are an ideal partner for realizing your project in the area of micro-assembly systems.

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